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Using Systems Thinking to Support Social Emotional Learning
Each of us has a unique way of looking at the world, dealing with stress, finding joy and connecting with others. Sometimes though, we can become fixated on our perspective. This course will show you how to use the Sustainability Compass to help students step outside themselves and build awareness of other people’s perspectives, the ways their actions impact others, and ways to ask emotionally intelligent questions.

This course can be started and completed at any time. It includes 2-4 hours of guided activities that we believe are relevant for all educators and can be modified for use with any age range.

Deepen Your Knowledge

This course is designed to deepen your understanding of systems thinking, social emotional learning competencies and how they can be used in education.

Learn From Examples

The course includes many examples of learning activities from teachers around the world that you can emulate. 

Engage in Activities

Don't just read about about examples, try them out through our guided exercises and reflection!

This course has been carefully curated for you by:
Gitanjali Paul

Since joining Compass Education in 2014, Gitanjali has worked with the Youth and Learning Empowerment Groups to design and facilitate educational workshops, camps, and courses. She currently serves as Compass's Education Program Manager coordinating learning experiences, overseeing new product development, and supporting CE’s stellar network of educator volunteers in fulfilling organizational goals and mission.

Gitanjali's experiences as a student and teacher in international schools have fortified her motivation to equip individuals with knowledge and skills to thrive in and create a more sustainable world. She has a B.A in Peace & Justice Studies and MA in Educational Policy, Research & Administration. She is passionate about gender equity and access to quality education for all. In addition to her work with Compass Education, Gitanjali freelances as a learning designer and facilitator for other organizations in whose work she believes. She is an avid lover of nature, cooking experiments, adventures with family, and spending time with her Filipina rescue cat, Mahatma Charlie.

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