Our Course Offerings

Online courses that will help you dive deep into systems thinking and sustainability in education.

Our FREE Intro Course

The Sustainability Compass Provides a shared language and framework to make sustainability accessible, personal and actionable. Take this 15 minute free introductory course to learn about the basics of the versatile Sustainability Compass.
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Teaching & Learning for a Sustainable World

Facilitated Courses

Teaching & Learning for a Sustainable World: 
A Systems Thinking Approach

Our seven-week, facilitator guided course that will deepen your knowledge of sustainability, systems thinking tools, and practical activities that you can use to to engage your learners and learning community. 

Through this course, you will connect with a global cohort of educators as well as create your own personal action plan, with facilitator support, to integrate systems thinking into your teaching and learning. 

Compass Quick Impact Courses

Whether you have some experience with the Sustainability Compass or none at all, Compass Quick Impact Courses will deliver impact and actionable outcomes. These introductory courses designed by educator for educators will help you jump right into using the Sustainability Compass! They can be started and completed at anytime and each includes 2-4 hours of guided activities.
Learn how to investigate your community with the Sustainability Compass. 
Explore how the Compass can support Social Emotional Learning. 
A guide to introducing the SDGs through a systems thinking lens.
An introduction to fostering systems thinking in primary aged learners. 
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