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A Quick Impact Course

A self-paced course full of practical, impactful ideas for your teaching & learning. 


Investigating Your Community with the Sustainability Compass
This short course will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to use the powerful systems thinking tool, The Sustainability Compass, to engage your students in community investigations. Whether your goal is learning about a new community to plan a service learning project, facilitating engaging experiential education or practicing place based learning, this course will provide you with the tools to begin a systemic investigation of your community and facilitate deep critical thinking and awareness in your students.
This course content is relevant for all educators. 

This course can be started and completed at any time. It includes 2-4 hours of guided activities that we believe can be modified for use with any age range, though the majority of the activities would work best with secondary students.

Deepen Your Knowledge

This course is designed to deepen your knowledge of systems thinking and enhance your comfort with the Sustainability Compass. 

Learn From Examples

The course includes many examples of learning activities from teachers around the world that you can emulate. 

Engage in Activities

Don't just read about about examples, try them out through our guided exercises and reflection!

This course has been carefully curated for you by:
Mike Horrocks

Mike Horrocks is a passionate outdoor educator who is currently working as the Director of Jungle Life Camp in Khao Sok Thailand. Mike has been working with Compass Education since 2015 as one of the team members supporting our Compass Youth Camp for Leaders (CYCle) which teaches high school aged students skills to engage in sustainable community investigations and to create sustainable action plans. 

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